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Pond’s might be one of the famous brands in the beauty industry, but only very few people know the geniuses behind all those beauty products. The people who have created many world’s firsts and scientific breakthroughs are The Pond’s Institute. Pond’s Institute is a proudly independent group of scientists that ensures that all Pond’s innovations meet the highest scientific and consumer safety standards. They have been leading the scientific community in understanding skin and beauty since 1846 (that is more than 150 years ago!). Science may sounds boring to some of you, but actually the scientists at the Pond’s Institute have a lot of interesting scientific stories to be told! Now we would like to invite you to take their scientific stories and bring them to life in a way that is entertaining and appealing to the average consumer. Select one or more of the stories that we have provided on the brief page and bring them to life in a 60-90 seconds video or animation that tells the story of Pond’s Institute. You can be as creative as you like! There is no limitation! BUT, do remember to read the brief thoroughly so you will fully understand what we want from you. ;) Here are the prizes for the best videos: 1st Prize: USD 3,000 2nd Prize: USD 2,000 3rd Prize: USD 1,000 Pond’s Institute call for entries will be closed on 21 August 2011. So let’s get going and check out the brief here! :D