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Introducing XYZ, a brand new drink that will launch in the Indian market in a few months time. It is a delicious water based drink that restores your body, mind, and mood. With crystal clear water enriched with proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, it will deeply hydrate your body and give it nutrition. And with nice stimulating fruit flavors and aroma, topped with a uniquely shaped, cool, light blue bottle, you will want to drink XYZ anytime, anywhere. But XYZ is not an energy booster, and neither it is carbonated. XYZ is healthier than that. Today we invite you to show us how XYZ can be your reliable companion to go through the day, anytime, anywhere to fully replenish you so you will always be ready. Show this in a 30 to 45 seconds TV commercial. Click here to view the complete brief. And now, for the prizes! We have: First Prize : EUR 3,500 Second Prize: EUR 2,500 Third Prize : EUR 1,500 XYZ Drink call for entries will be closed on 26th July 2011. So let’s get creative! :D