Chivas, a famous whisky brand famous for its’ distinctive taste, is launching a new special, premium edition whisky: Chivas J&J. This exclusive whisky is specially made in honor of the pioneering brothers James and John Chivas. It is a blend of 2 rare, precious malts and it’s exclusively distributed in selected bars/KTVs (Karaoke) in T1 (Tier 1) and T2 (Tier 2) cities in China. It will surely become a trendsetter. Now we would like to ask you for new ideas on how to get our target audience wanting to try Chivas J&J and order bottles of it when they are hanging out in a bar or KTV with their friends. You are welcome to introduce us to new drinking experiences, new drinking games, new rituals around serving or drinking, etc., through illustrations, sketches, concepts, photos, video, animation, ... basically any visual medium that will best convey your idea and make it easy to understand. But DO NOT make an ad, because we are only interested in your ideas. What we have prepared for you: 1st Prize: USD 2,000 10 Runner Ups: USD 500 each Chivas J&J ends on 6th July 2011. So click here to check out the brief and participate!