We are so excited to announce this! Ok, we know you guys have been waiting for this for so long and all you are just very very curious about it, and so are we! :D We received more than 2,600 entries altogether! That was a massive number! And definitely Coca-Cola would need to take more time to select the winners because the competition is tough here. There were just way too many amazing works ;) Okay, before you get more and more curious, here are the winners of Coca-Cola ‘Energizing Refreshment’ CFE: Best Video/Animation (USD 30,000) : Power Up by protonsanon (New Zealand) Best Photography (USD 15,000) : Catch Me if You Can by garychan (Hong Kong) Wait a minute.... Where’s the winner of Best Design/Illustration? For this last award, it will be announced separately because selection is still being made. Apologize for the delay, guys. Please don’t throw rotten eggs at us, okay? *hides under the desk* Til then, enjoy the winning works below. Big hands to protonsanon and garychan!