We're in a time, nowadays, where healthiness has regained its pride, where organic meets superfoods, where lean cuisine rimes with gym memberships, jogging, and yoga. What is your idea of home and outdoor exercises in the next 5 to 10 years? Illustrate through a short video, design, sketch, scrapbook, PowerPoint presentation or storyboard what's awaiting for us in terms of physical workout in the near future. We will throw in some ideas for you - do not limit yourself only to those, but they are a good starting point: new accessories and equipment, new bodybuilding equipment, new sports etc.. Here is your link to the brief Just as always the sweet prizes awaiting for you!
  • 1st Prize: $1,500 USD
  • 2nd Prize: $500 USD
  • 5 runners-up: $100 USD each
Do not miss this unique opportunity and stay in shape! Deadline is July 5!