Hey guys, Our creator of the month of May 2011 is this talented and creative girl from the land of panda, Gan Quan a.k.a Erin. One of her most prominent works on eYeka is the animation she created for NHB Magical Museum a while ago. Wanna know more about her? Check out this mini conversation we’ve had with her ;) :


Tell us more about yourself Hello everyone! My name is Gan Quan (I think you guys are more familiar with "Erin", as this is my eYeka username ^^). I am from Beijing, China. I am currently in my 4th year of studying Digital Media in university. *An hour later* Ermm…. actually I don’t talk too much… I like travelling and taking photos, I am passionate about creative and new things, and my inspirations come from some artists and creative websites. Congratulation once again for winning three Prizes on our Call for Entries so far, namely Lost in translation, NHB Magical Museum, and Credit Card Design! Can we know what made you want to participate in it? Honestly? The prizes! Attractive prizes! Hahaha… ‘Credit Card Design’ was the first CFE I joined in eYeka. I feel like I had some inspiration came into my mind when I first read the brief, and I can’t believe I really won it! This is so encouraging, so I’ve been participating in more and more CFEs since then. I should thank eYeka for providing such a great platform for us, from all over the world, to showcase our works! It’s amazing! We understand that you also participated in Laurent-Perrier and SMU ‘Discover a Different U’ . we don’t have the results yet, but your works also have great potential! What’s the inspiration behind it? My inspiration came from my daily life. For example, I like collecting a lot of nice pictures and interesting short films. I get a lot of inspirations from them! For Laurent-Perrier, I did some reading about champagne and the brand itself. I also did some research on different champagne pictures to make sure that I understood champagne better. Then I created the animation according to the style of the brand! I did it for one whole night without sleeping! What are the things you like about eYeka, and what are the things that you think could be improved on or added in the future? I really enjoy myself here as eYeka has different kinds of call for entries that creators can choose from, and I personally think they are very good and interesting! eYeka people are also very kind and responsible! They always answer our questions nicely and patiently! For things that could be improved, I really hope eYeka can provide some certificates for the winners with the brand’s signature. It will attract more creators to join in! Any advice to your fellow aspiring videomakers? I would suggest Asian creators to visit eYeka Europe as well, as there are many, many good creators there! Also, when you see the brief or when you have some inspiration, don’t think of “Everyone is better than me, should I still participate?” or “Will I be able to create a nice entry?”, don’t hesitate, just do it! You could be the next winner if you keep on trying! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Well done, Quan! Keep up the positive mindset and the good work! We’re looking forward to more creative works from you, and of course, from all of you guys in eYeka! Have we mentioned that we are oh-so-proud of you guys? Quan's positive mindset definitely can be applied into our own life as well, cos by having a positive mind, you'll be more confident in doing anything, and that's what we want from you in eYeka: To be more confident when you are participating in our calls for entries. Therefore, we are sure your artworks will be even better. Agree? :D