The waiting time is over! Our Kellogg’s Krave winners have been decided and today you are about to find out who has won the prizes- I bet they will taste sweeter than chocolate to the lucky ones. Enjoy them responsibly and launch a big smile every morning you see that box of Kellogg’s Krave on the table. It has all been great times and fun.

To the winners! NOTE: the italics are the comments of the jury
  • 1st prize of £3,000 goes to ManandCie and his “KRAVE- The chase”
  • "Loved it – I love the way you can see the people charging towards them in the reflection of his eye"
  • 2nd prize of £1,000 goes to Danaf and his “Mr Hide”
  • "Loved it – great plot and loved it when he serenades her"
  • 3rd prize of £500 goes to skhuters and his “dating”
  • "Really funny – loved the Keith Lemon voice"
  • 4th prize of £500 goes to rolandmartin and his “KRAAAAVE!!!”
  • "Simple, well framed and dramatic – really liked it"

Congratulations to the winners and a heartily thank you to all! You are the best!