Garnier Men Banner

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe a lot of you are familiar with Garnier, aren’t you? Wait, Garnier is NOT only for women. They have the skincare range for men as well! Guys, it’s time to take care of your skin perhaps? ;) So anyway, we’d like to invite all of you, our creative members, to take part in a new CFE we are having. Your task is to take a look at our Garnier Men Face scrub TVC and see how our Garnier man is passionate and knowledgeable about motorbikes. Then after that, create your own version of Garnier Men TVC, showing what guys (not girls) are passionate about. Be inspired! Show us how funny, creative, and witty you can be! :D Anddd.... *drum rolls* there’s a total prize of USD 10,000 up for grab! 1st Prize: USD 4,000 2nd Prize: USD 2,000 3rd Prize: USD 2,000 4th Prize: USD 1,000 5th Prize: USD 1,000 Did I just see those eyes enlarge?  :D ‘Create your own Garnier Men TVC’ is only open to our friends in South East Asia. So guys, start your engine! The product might be for men, but this contest certainly opens to all the ladies as well! Dateline of submission would be on 17th July 2011.

Check out the complete brief here!