Who doesn’t like to go to the mall? It’s a place where everybody can have fun – whether you’d be busy shopping or you want to enjoy the many other attractions of this avant-gardist mall it is an awesome place to spend an afternoon.

Now, that we all agree malls are fun – what is the best of it all for you, personally? Would you like to have it in every mall? What about the new “La Maquinista” mall in Barcelona? Sure, it will have it – because you are in charge of designing the top floor of this super famous mall.

The name of the top floor is “El Oasis”, for now, you can change even this; it will be a place that should represent unforgettable experience of discovery, pleasure, and well-being. Your task is to keep true to the “La Maquinista” mall’s originality and modernity.

You are the chief designer of this new place- an entire floor composed of the five areas –feel free to suggest your ephemeral or long-lasting concepts for: Daily animations; spectacular animations; sensory experiences; services dedicated to entertainment, pleasure, well-being and discovery; new restaurants / concepts of leisure; original environment; latest design furniture.

Participate here :)

Prizes up to 2,000 Euro waiting for you:

  • 1st Prize: 1, 000 Euro
  • 2nd Prize: 500 Euro
  • 3rd Prize: 250 Euro
  • 4th Prize: 150 Euro
  • 5th Prize: 100 Euro

You are allowed to submit drawings, photos, texts, videos, designs, PowerPoint presentations, and moodboards of your concept.

Deadline is June 20, 2011, at 23:59