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Hello! This is something you’ve all been waiting for: the results of Create a TVC for a New Drink! We understand that all of you have been very curious about the winners, so without further ado (and before you throw tomatoes at us), let’s check out who they are: CEO’s Pick: nickmw with Fruit Zap neonNinja with Like Our New Drink eleven_elements with Drink Early Bird: itsme9001 with Zingon Most Voted (Voting was done in SurveyMonkey and promoted in an Indian Facebook page. It was done this way because our client would like to get the views from the target market): eleven_elements with Drink neonNinja with Like Our New Drink nickmw with Fruit Zap Niteesh with Fruit Drink prashantmachhar with IMBIBE Watch their winning entries here: Congratulation, guys! Well done and keep up the good work. We are always glad to have members like you who can brighten up the days with your creative entries :D And for the rest, don’t lose hope! Lots of other opportunities will always await you here in eYeka. So do check out our homepage as well to find out the latest call for entries you can participate in. ;)