Actimel_Homepage banner v2 Wake up early in the morning, going to work, squeezing your brain hard at work, going back home, shower, feeling exhausted, and throw yourself on to the bed. Sounds familiar? Yes, daily routines can be exhausting and mundane, especially when we use a lot of energy doing it. One way to always feel fresh and active to go through your day is by having a bottle of Actimel. Today, Danone invites you to showing us how you can enjoy more of life with Actimel by being always ready to turn life’s daily challenges into enjoyable moments. Create a fresh and original 30-45 seconds video/animation focusing on how Actimel enables you to have a strong life. But be careful, although we want humorous, positive, and surprising videos, you have to stay realistic and show a daily situation in the video, because Actimel is not an energy drink for a quick boost. It does not give you wings and make you a super hero ;) Instead, Actimel supports you for a great day. You’ll feel active the whole day, and when you came home from your tiring day, you can still be light and fresh to enjoy all that life has to offer! For more detailed information, do check out the brief here! And the part all of you have always loved: Prizes! :) For 3 best entries, we will award them with: 1st Prize: 8,000 € 2nd Prize: 5,000 € 3rd Prize: 3,000 € So show us how you could enjoy more of life with Actimel! :D Click here to view the brief and participate Cheers, Your eYeka Community Managers