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We are sure all of us who live in South East Asian countries are familiar with MILO®, aren’t we? MILO® is a brand that plays a big part in our lives.  From the childhood days when we queued up for our cups of MILO® during school sports day to being the important healthy beverage that it is to us in our adulthood, MILO® continues to be relevant and a brand close to every generation. We believe you have at least one fond memory of you and MILO®. Whether it being served at breakfast by your mom, drinking it after playing football with your friends, or drinking a glass of ice cold MILO® on a hot day. Sounds refreshing? ;) Now this delicious drink brand invites you to share what MILO® means to you back in the days and how it plays a part in your life today through a 30 seconds video/animation and a print ad! The video/animation will be used for MILO® TVC and/or viral videos to be aired in Singapore, and the print ad will be adapted for outdoor advertising in Singapore. Imagine your works being watched by 5 million people in Singapore! Exciting enough? :D And not just that, we are also looking for the most inspirational story between you and MILO®. A special prize will be awarded to the most inspirational MILO® story! Share your most inspiration story either through a separate video or write up to tell us how and why MILO® has inspired you! And if you think TVC and outdoor advertising are exciting enough, take a look at the prizes we have prepared just for you: Grand Prize: SGD 9,000 Runner Up: SGD 1,000 x 3 winners Most inspirational story: SGD 500 + 1 year supply of MILO® (quantity will be decided by MILO®) Me & My MILO will be running from 29th March to 4th May 2011. Click here to participate and as always, amuse us with your creativity! Cheers, Your eYeka Community Managers