It’s been awhile since the last time we featured Creator of the Month! We’ll feature regularly from this month onwards! Our creator of March 2011 is Joselito Jet Legaspi a.k.a picklepinch from The Philippines. This talented animator has won 3 awards on eYeka so far from Adidas, Aides, and Air Asia! The first prize he won from Adidas gave his work a chance to be broadcasted in Adidas stores regionally in Asia! Isn’t it awesome? :D

Let’s get to know more of this creator. Here’s a short interview we’ve done with him: Tell us more about yourself. First of all, thank you for considering me to be the Creator of the Month! This is the question that I have encountered before but still don’t know how to answer it well. Haha! Okay let me introduce myself first. I’m Joselito Jet Legaspi, a self-taught computer graphics artist and educator here in Manila, Philippines. I’ve been exposed to different kinds of production, both local and international animation and video. From animated TV series like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to animated featured film like Curious George Part 2: Follow that Monkey, to Interactive medias, TV commercials, AVP’s etc. I’m currently exploring the creative world of advertising using my skills and knowledge in computer graphics to express my own ideas and treatments. I have a passion for teaching. It gives me a great satisfaction in sharing what I have experienced in life and in my profession. Congratulation once again for winning the First Prize of Adidas ‘Be Faster’, Viewers Choice Award for Aides and AirAsia Call for Entries! Can we know what made you want to participate in them? Thank you!! I just really look for the Call for Entries where I can express and fit in my ideas well, and those were the Call for Entries that caught my interest that time. What are the inspirations behind your entries? There were many factors and inspirations behind my entries. Let me just breakdown those into 3 things. First, your experiences in life, like my AirAsia entry. Second, the things you didn’t/haven’t experience, that’s for my Aides entry and what I meant with that is you get your inspiration from the people who’s related in the subject, by bringing yourself into their world. And the third one are just the things that just pops out in your mind, that’s for my Adidas ‘Be Faster’ entry. What are the things you like about eYeka? What I like about eYeka is that they give opportunity to artist/creators to showcase their talents and ideas for both local and global brand and have a chance to be broadcasted globally. Like when I was in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia last January of this year (2011), I was walking inside Suria KLCC Mall under Petronas Tower and I just stopped by at Adidas store to check if my winning entry is being shown there, surprisingly, the one’s been playing on their TV monitor is my entry. It was such a wonderful feeling and experience for an artist to have his own works broadcasted in other countries. What are the things that you think could be improved on or added in the future? Well, eYeka is very consistent with regards to improvement and progress. And it would be a great thing if they could give a certificate or something that is signed by eYeka and the brand for the winning creator so that they have this token of appreciation aside from the prize. It is something for the artists to look for, it could give more inspiration on their future works. Any advise to your fellow aspiring creators? Hmm… I don’t know if I’m in the position to give an advice because I know there were lots of great creators here in eYeka US, Europe and Asia. But all I can say is that don’t be afraid to express what’s on your mind, explore the possibilities. Be limitless with your ideas, be passionate, never stop growing, be progressive and when the path gets severe, just persevere. -- Thanks for sharing with us, Jet, and we look forward to seeing more of your creative works in the future. Once again, congratulation! To know more about his works, check out his profile!