Good day everyone!


We are inviting our friends who are based in India to help us name a new drink. It is a delicious water-based drink that completely restores you body, mind and mood, deeply hydrates your body and gives it nutrition because of its proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals. Not forgetting the stimulating fruit flavours and aroma that will awaken your mind and uplift your mood. With this new drink, you will always be ready to seize everyday opportunities whenever they happen. Tell us what should be the brand name of the new drink and why did you choose that particular name? You can propose any kind of brand name, descriptive or completely made-up, the choice is yours. Please see the brief for further information and instruction. 5 best names will be chosen by the CEO and will receive USD 500 each. Dateline for submission is on 14th March 2011. Click here to participate, and don’t hesitate to drop us an email at[at]eyeka[dot]com should you have any queries. Cheers, Amelia and Xuan