Lately, Microsoft Education asked you to partner with a teacher to use Microsoft Products in his/her class and share your story through a mini-documentary video (up to 3 minutes long), a collage or a PowerPoint. Today, we are happy ton announce the great winners of this contest:
First prize ($5,000 USD) : "Microsoft Escolas AS-WLMM" by luiscardoso9 Second prize ($2,000 USD) : "Microsoft Auto Collage" by nrravik Third prize ($1,000 USD) : "Using Microsoft Office Powerpoint" by garygeorgec Best Student Reactions #1 ($250 USD) : "Microsoft Escolas AS-WLMM" by luiscardoso9 Best Student Reactions #2 ($250 USD) : "Microsoft Auto Collage" by nrravik Early Bird Prizes ($100 USD) : for the first 40 contributions
Congratulations! You are not mentionned in this list? Don't worry, we have just launched a new call for entries with Microsoft Education. Easier, this contest will allow our community to win up to $10,000 USD until April 4th, 2011.
In Microsoft's first eYeka contest, eYeka creators showed us how excited teachers become when they see what Microsoft can help them do in the classroom. Now give teachers in your country a voice! Capture on video any teacher's reaction (Kindergarten through high school) to Microsoft Teacher Tools by just following our Interview walkthrough! This is a very simple assignment, there are no legal forms or documents to be filled out like the previous contest, and you do not have to have been involved in the previous contest, or create a classroom project with the tools. Just follow the Interview guide, and film the responses!
Enter this call for entries!
$10,000 USD to win until April 4th, 2011 First Prize: $3,500 USD Second Prize: $2,000 USD Third Prize: $1,000 USD 4th -10th Prizes: $500 USD each