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Hey there ladies, how would you like a lipstick that is so incredible that nobody can resist kissing your lips? ;) And gentlemen, we bet you like to kiss a pair of irresistibly seductive lips, aren’t you? ;) Estée Lauder, one of the world’s most renowned beauty company, is launching Pure Color Lipstick, with colors that look and feel so incredible that nobody can resist you! With a touch of elegance and modernity, Pure Color Lipstick will bring out the true beauty in you and helps you exude your seduction power. In accordance with this launching, Estée Lauder invites you, our ever-so-creative creators to jump onboard and amaze us with your video and animation. Through a 30 to 45-second video or animation, show us the power of having seductive lips, ready to be kissed...or not. Tell us how Pure Color Lipstick reflects your inner beauty and makes you look and feel empowered, elegant, confident, irresistible, seductive, and in control. Will it lead to the perfect kiss, the perfect love story? And to reward your effort in astonishing your viewers, we have prepared USD 3,000 cash for 1 (one) Grand Prize winner, and USD 2,000 cash for 1 (one) Runner-up winner! Estée Lauder “Irresistable Lips. Irresistable Kiss?” will be running from 31 January 2011 to 27 March 2011. So get your girlfriend, wife, or any woman you know (to get idea, perhaps?) and start your creative wheel rolling! And as usual, please read the rules and brief thoroughly before you join and submit any entry. Ready? Click here to participate!