Lancaster : 1 call for entries, 45 days of contest, 80 submitted videos, 7 000 € to win, 8 prizes. No doubt, it was an amazing contest! It was not only because you had to express your original vision of the DNA, but also because the Jury has been seduced by all the media! First of all, we have to apologize for the delay: actually, the Jury has chosen to add one more prize to congratulate Aehtam for his great job that could not be picked among the initial prizes. Here are the winners:
First Prize (3 000 €) : "DNA in Women" by simwarren Second Prize (1 500 €) : "Eyes" by tossen 3rd Prize (500 €) : "Beauty" by ohmphotography 4th Prize (500 €) : "It's what makes you, you" by bella87 5th Prize (500 €) : "Be different" by stelios 6th Prize (500 €) : "Look at you, you look beautiful" by Eduino 7th Prize (250 €) : "Have you ever known the beauty password?" by Andrey_Kovalov 8th Prize (250 €) : "Espress you Beauty" by guimik Jury's Crush Prize (250 €) : "Lancaster Origin of Beauty" by Aehtam