Remember RAYMOND WEIL ‘By You’ that ended a while ago? Where we asked you to tell us your stories about your relationship with your watch through video, animation, and music? It was such a great success! :D

And now, RAYMOND WEIL is inviting you again, musicians, to be inspired and let your passion flow!

RAYMOND WEIL New Music Talent is a regular campaign runs by this Swiss luxury watch brand, and this year marks the 4th time of it to be held. With over thirty years of dedication to the music scene, RAYMOND WEIL is constantly cultivating and supporting new and upcoming artists across all music genres.

What do we want from you?

You need to submit the following two to be qualified: 1) An original song or music that is created by you. It can be of any theme/genre. (It can be a song/music that has been created by you before). 2) An original song or music dedicated to or inspired by RAYMOND WEIL.

Each music or song track has to be minimum 2 minutes long.

As for the prizes, here’s what we have for you:

Jury’s Pick:

  • USD 5,000
  • Tradition 9577 STC 00650 or equivalent
  • Talent and his/her winning works will be promoted on RAYMOND WEIL website and Facebook page

Most Popular Talent:

  • USD 1,500

(10 talents will be shortlisted and featured on RAYMOND WEIL Facebook page for voting of the “Most Popular Talent”. Voting Period: 11 – 24 April 2010).

Entries will be judged by RAYMOND WEIL and top YouTube music personalities who will be announced later. Stay tuned to find out more!

RAYMOND WEIL New Music Talent will be running from 10th February to 3rd April 2011. So musicians, start your engine and amaze us with that beautiful notes arrangement of yours! Click here to participate!

Xuan and Amelia