Hi guys! Ever wondered what does eYeka really mean? We bet some of you did! ;) We also realized that some of you were confused on how to spell "eYeka". Is it [ai-ka], [aye-ka], [hai-ka], or how? In this blog post, we'd like to explain it to you once and for all! :) eye-ka-eyeka-rebus 'eYeka' is pronounced as [ai-ka] (eye-ka) and is a combination of 2 parts: The first part is eye (yes, the organ of sight), The meaning behind this is probably quite easy to understand. It's about how our creative community (yes, that means you!) expresses ideas in a visual way, this is why our multimedia player reads everything from text documents to music and videos. By submitting visual creations to respond to our call for entries, you express what you have in mind, which leads us to... ...the second part of eYeka: the Egyptian hieroglyph Ka The touchdown-like gesture that you can see here is the symbol of the Ka, the Egyptian representation of spiritual essence. The Ka was the “spirit”-part of the human soul, made up of five parts. A living person had Ka from the day of her/his birth to the day of her/his death. The Ka is also the reason why Egyptians mummified the dead; it needed a place to live even after the body died. According to EgyptianMyths.net, the Ka became supreme after death, kings like Ramses II thus claimed to have more than 20 Ka’s! So in short, eYeka means the soul of the eye :) What do you think of it?