Take a look around and you’ll notice that many people are stuck in their comfort zone and miss out on what life has to offer. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Do YOU dare to take the steps to try something new and different? Coca-Cola believes that change is the momentum that pushes you forward. If you don’t try, you have not lived. Agree? Now we believe that you, our creators are the people who dare to take the steps to try something new or different. To celebrate it, we’d like to invite you to take a part in our new Coca-Cola contest. We want you to put your creative talent to good use by showing people why taking steps to try something new or different creates the most exhilarating experiences in one’s life. Tell us why we should step out of our comfort zone and enjoy the journey more than the destination itself. Tell us an inspiring and energizing story with some optimism and dynamism which will create an engaging and exhilarating story! Story format can be done in either video/animation (30-60 seconds), photographs, or illustrations. There will be 3 prizes for one winner in each category: Video: EUR 8,000 Animation: EUR 8,000 Photography/Illustration: EUR 3,000 Coca-Cola ‘Be the Change’ contest will be closed on 5th February 2012. Let’s get going! Step outside and let’s make it happen!

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