For this contest, we asked you to restyle the 50cl Volvic water bottle. It was about bringing fresh ideas and respect the brand personality and you all fulfilled the mission! Here is the list of our 4 winners:
1st Prize of 3000€ goes to Elvus (from Russian Federation) A whole approach of the pack that takes into account material / shape / cap / labelling: that makes Volvic really premium without compromising on its DNA - it makes the brand truly alive and sensorial! 2nd Prize of 1000€ goes to Chandandesigner (from India) Inspiring proposal premiumising and iconising the brand : it makes the bottle real different and ownable (green / volcanic DNA pushed to the TOP! 3rd Prize of 500€ goes to dax (from Philippines) A great step in term of modernism still keeping the brand simplicity / labelling design is really break and linked to what we are while bringing premiumness! 4th Prize of 500€ goes to jozeki0019 (from Philippines) Round but still masculine bottle: it makes us feel more confortable to explore round bottle still keeping brand personality and premium. Capitalisation on key brand item making the cap unique and premium, and even more convenient!
In italic, you can find the Jury's feedback. Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for your participation! We are sorry but we can not show you the winning media as it is a confidential contest.