Hello everyone, We have a little surprise for all of you who have taken a part in our recent Microsoft Family contest.

What is it?? Well, Microsoft LOVES all of your entries! Yes, they find them emotionally touching and well executed. Therefore, to thank all of you guys, Microsoft has created a Thank You video especially for you! You can watch it here:

We love the video, and we hope you do so, too! It’s really nice, isn’t it? ;) Oh, and also, do have a look at the currently running Microsoft Family ads below. They are very nicely done and the stories are pretty funny. Do take a little bit of your time to watch them :D  

Interesting, isn’t it? Once again, a BIG THANKS to each and everyone of you! You have done such a great work and well, you've seen it by yourself, Microsoft totally loves them all. Stay creative and keep up the good work! :D