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Life would be so easy and fun if we could always have, close to us, the things we need when we need them. Imagine going for a job interview with a stained shirt. Wouldn't it be great if your washing machine and dryer could instantly appear by magic, for a quick "wash and wear"? Imagine spilling your food on the carpet at your first "meet the parents" dinner in your girlfriend's home. Wouldn’t it be great if your trusted vacuum-cleaner could appear automatically so that you could clean up the mess? LG is launching Kompressor Follow Me™, the world’s first vacuum cleaner which always follows you like a pet, automatically. Imagine how your daily life could be transformed if the things that make your life easier were always following you, ready to help you whenever you need them.

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PRIZES: Total 20,000 € Videos/Animations/Storyboards 1st Prize: 10,000 € 2nd Prize: 5,000 € 3rd Prize: 2,500 € x 2 participants
Deadline is January, 24!