Nokia N9_Blog_Banner Who has ever got the same idea as us: to be able to “swipe” and jump straight to the best parts of your life and skip the boring, complex, and annoying parts, and of course, leaving others behind? Life would be more fun with it, huh? ;) Introducing the new Nokia N9, the phone with an innovative “no-buttons” swipe gesture. Yes, there is not a single button available on the phone! So, here’s the brief for you: create a funny video or animation (up to 45 seconds) where you can turn a situation to your advantage, with a real life swipe! Can you say “FUN!”? :D The prizes are equally fun too. We have a total prize of EUR 7,500 to be given out to 3 winners: 1st Prize: EUR 3,750 2nd Prize: EUR 2,250 3rd Prize: EUR 1,500 The Nokia N9 contest will be running until 15 December 2011. So let’s get those fingers to swipe your lives and jump to the best parts of it! Click here to read the full brief and guidelines. And click here for more information about Nokia N9. They have created a pretty cool augmented reality there. So make sure you check it out. It will give you a feel about the swipe gesture ;)