Garnier Men Banner We would like to say that we love all the submitted entries on Garnier Men contest. Such creative ideas are always popping out of your minds! So after awhile, Garnier has finally come to a decision about the winners. Yay! We know some of you have been very curious about it ;) Here they are, the 5 best creations on Garnier Men contest: 1st Prize (USD 4,000): kandanganjing (Indonesia) with My Spirit 2nd Prize (USD 2,000): skinnerbox84 (Philippines) with Rock it Out 3rd Prize (USD 2,000): smete (Canada) with Morning Routine 4th Prize (USD 1,000): nicko9987 (Philippines) with Doing Shoot 5th Prize (USD 1,000): ech5 (Indonesia) with Maximize Your Confident Big hands to the winners! Congratulation, guys! :D Thank you for everyone who has taken a part in the contest as well. We hope to see more of your creations in our next contests. :)