Hey, A new contest calling for your creativity is now up on eYeka, check it out: Becel pro.activ – Prize: 10,000 € TV ads for cholesterol lowering products all say the same things in the same way. People over fifty (the group who would benefit most from lowering their cholesterol) don't even notice them anymore, and are skeptical as they are bombarded by product claims. It’s a shame because Becel pro. activ is a tasty spread that is really effective in lowering cholesterol, allowing people over fifty to return to the quality of life they used to enjoy. Your challenge is to create an original video or animation that convinces the over fifties, without clichés, to use Becel pro. activ so that they can get back to enjoying life. Format: a video or animation of up to 45 seconds that will be viewed online. Follow this link to participate! Contest runs until 12/14/2011. Good luck! Nicolas