Danone Egypt Hello everyone! Thinking about what we put our mouths through during the day... Luckily Listerine is there to help us out. It was real fun watching your videos guys! We didn't have a lot of entries, but the ones we had were really high quality and original. We are proud to announce the winners of Listerine contest: Note: The italics are what the Jury thought about the media. 1st Prize of £5000 goes to harringman (United Kingdom),  "Funny, shareble, good animations, delivers on the brief, provocative" 2nd Prize of £2500 goes to TOTWeyeka (United Kingdom),  "Superior animations, on brief, funny" 3rd Prize of £1000 goes to seelisch (Germany),  "Funny, different, unexpected, sharable" 4th Prize of £500 goes to Ben_Saunders (United Kingdom),  "Funny, interesting camera shot, on brief, brand is a hero" 5th Prize of £500 goes to Vitali1 (Germany),  "On brief, good animations, cute" 6th Prize of £500 goes to TCWmotion (United Kingdom),  "Funny, relatable, uncomfortable" Listerine is planning to publish the winning entries on their YouTube channel on 10 December. Congratulations to all the winners, your potential views are exponentially increased now! We hope you'll like the videos too, thanks to all the participants of the contest, it was a real pleasure to see your contributions. :-D