Hello everyone! We are happy to share with you the winners of the video - photo contest launched in September from a secret brand, about a special yogurt that has an authentic and traditional taste... Do you all remember it? :-D The client was really happy to see your many contributions whom he found very interesting and very nicely done. We have three winners for the video contest and three more for the photo submission. We proudly present first the winners for the video contest: Note: The italics are what the Jury thought about the media. 1st Prize of 4000 $ goes to Josemanuelerre (Spain) "Emotional idea is very strong; execution is very unique" 2nd Prize of 2000 $ goes to Armand_Pranoto (Indonesia) "Really good representation of Turkish culture and symbols; very good visual link to the product as it surrounds the pack..." 3rd Prize of 1000 $ goes to Radou1 (Algeria) "The themes fit with the brief in a good way; on the corners the turning spoon is a good iconization" And now let's present the winners of the photo contest: 1st Prize of 1500 $ goes to pawpaw (France) "Very beautiful motif which positions the product as special, premium, unique and traditional" 2nd Prize of 1000 $ goes to LezardsHaches (France) "Very clever and it can be used in national holidays as a strong idea" 3rd Prize of 500 $ goes to Priyaaa (Singapore) "Very beautiful motif which positions the product as special, premium, unique and traditional - a piece of art!!" And it's not finished! The client was so impressed with your ideas and has decided to invite the winners of the video and photo contest to a co-creation workshop with them in Istanbul!!! TURKEY HERE WE COME! :-D Extra congratulations to Josemanuelerre and pawpaw then, we look forward to hear from you after the workshop! Great job guys, we're very happy for all the winners and we would also like to thank all the participants! PS: for privacy reasons the client prefers not have the media published, thank you for your understanding.