At eYeka, the whole team is in a perpetual state of alert to improve the website according to your needs. We develop our tools to closely follow your suggestions, simplify the site’s access and functionalities. Thus some new functions replace older ones that became obsolete. Today we would like to talk to you about the «Upload media» function in your eYeka account. To participate in contests, a few of you got lost in the actual steps on how to use this function. Unfortunately, uploading this way was not meant to enable you to engage in our contests! Therefore, we have decided to modify this function because too many creations got lost in limbo… "But how do I participate in contests?" Everything happens on the contest page where you can access the summary, brief, contents, discussion forum, and the upload page in just one click! Thus you’re confident to engage in that particular contest!

Upload tab

Another thing is you can now submit PDF entries into our contests! A lot of you were wondering whether you can actually submit PDF files for insights contests, and now we are happy to inform you that yes, you can do it! :) These improvements are ongoing and reflect our will to ease your experience on eYeka. We will keep on doing out best for you, our #1! This is only the beginning, let's co-create the future together! Don’t hesitate to ask us questions, share comments and ideas by clicking on the “Support” tab (it's located on the left side of your screen on our website)

eYeka support