Pond's Institute_1000x250_R3 Finally! Three winners have been selected for Pond’s Institute contest. They have successfully taken the scientific stories of Pond’s Institute and bring them to life in an entertaining and appealing ways. Let’s not wait another minute and check out who they are (you can read the Jury’s explanation as well): 1st Prize (USD 5,000): Armand_Pranoto (Indonesia) with Not your average anti aging

“Clear scientific explanation, engaging video, and high quality animation.”
2nd Prize (USD 3,000): yaddeen (Spain) with Pond’s Institute
“Interesting visuals and dramatization.”
3rd Prize (USD 2,000): boettcher (Germany) with Pond’s knows skin best
“Presentation was different and engaging.”
Congratulation to the winners and well done everyone who has taken a part in this contest. :)