Microsoft Family Some people say that now is a difficult time to be a family because often times family members live far apart from each other due to work or study. Creating quality time seems to be difficult because of the pressures of modern lide and an “always on” culture where we prefer to be in the virtual world over enjoying the company of the people closest to us. Well, at Microsoft, we disagree. We think that today, thanks to technology that brings us closer together, it has never been a better time to be a family! Family also means different things to different people. So whether yours is a nuclear family, social family, or global family, help us celebrate! From a fun-filled games night with three different generations competing against each other, to being able to see your newborn nephew even though he lives on the other side of the globe, share your precious family moments with us, how distance no longer separates you, how you feel when you are sharing together across generations, and those little rituals and quirkiness that makes your family. Yes, every family has their own quirkiness that makes them unique ;) Entry format: video or animation (maximum 60 seconds) And now, for your favorite part: PRIZES! We have a total prize of USD 10,000 for 3 winners: 1st Prize: USD 5,000 2nd Prize: USD 3,000 3rd Prize: USD 2,000 you know that the winning entry will be amplified right across Microsoft and partners’ network with over 6 billion potential views? ;) Microsoft Family contest will be running from <strong>6 October to 16 November 2011</strong>. So come on, show us <strong>how there has never been a better time to be a family!</strong> Click here to view the brief. It’s a fun contest. So make sure you won’t miss it out :D