Danone Yoghurt

Hi guys, We noticed that some of you refrain yourself from joining the contest because you do not have proper references of Egyptian families and/or culture. Therefore, we would like to clarify this and we hope you will have a better understanding of the brief after this :) Okay, where shall we start? Ah, the “Egyptian families” part. Although it’s stated in the brief that it’s about creating a TV ad to convince Egyptian families to enjoy the yoghurt, you are not obliged to engage Egyptian/Middle Eastern talents for your video. You can engage any talents that you’d like to, and they don’t necessary have to be Egyptians, but they have to look like Egyptian or Middle Eastern. You may watch the following videos to see more references on how Egyptians look like :) You can think of Egyptian families as how you would think of your own family. They are just like any other families in the world with the same dreams and aspirations. They appreciate humor and nice, emotional stories that touch them. To give you more ideas about Egyptian families, you may watch the following videos to gain inspiration: From there you can see how they incorporate humor into the ads :D The only thing you need to take note of is to be more sensitive to the culture of Egypt. This means you have to stay clear of references to or depictions of any religious, political, or sexual content. We have also amended the brief slightly to explain more about this issue. So click here to read it and to participate! And just to remind you, we have USD 10,000 for 3 best creations! Deadline of submission is 26 October 2011. So let’s get going! :D Should you have any questions, we are just an email away!