Danone Egypt Let’s face it. Most people have to clean their home or apartment on a regular basis, but only the few, extreme clean freaks really enjoy doing it. Imagine if five years from now, the way we clean our homes can turn into a self-expressive, convenient, comfortable and alluring task.

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Through Powerpoint presentations, illustrated images & sketches, short videos or animations, reinvent household cleaning products to make cleaning, well…easy, enjoyable, rewarding, and fun! Free people to spend more time with their favorite people and the things they love! PRIZES : 1st Prize: $2,500 USD 2nd Prize: $1,500 USD 3 following Prizes: $1,000 USD each 6 following Prizes of $500 USD each You have until October 24 to upload your media. Show us how you like to clean your house now :-)