Screen shot 2011-10-28 at AM 10.39.20 Nespresso recognizes that the livelihoods of coffee farmers are vulnerable to volatile market conditions for coffee, unpredictable weather patterns and rising farm management costs. In 2003, Nespresso started the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance to protect the farmers and ensure that the farming methods are sustainable so that we can all get to enjoy high quality coffee years down the road.And in 2009 Nespresso pledged to source 80% of their coffee from the program by 2013. Unfortunately, many people do not know about this initiative and its benefits. So your challenge is to create a 30s video or animation or a photograph/illustration, show us how Nespresso is doing their bit to bring about positive differences to coffee farmers and the environment so that more people will know about it. Please note that Nespresso is looking for entries that can inspire viewers and help them understand Nespresso’s engagement on the field towards the farmers. The entries that can most creatively engage and inspire people will be picked as the winners! PRIZES Videos/Animations:
  • 1st prize EUR 3,500
  • 2nd prize EUR 2,500
  • 3rd prize EUR 1,500
  • 1st prize EUR 1,500
  • 2nd prize EUR 1,000
  • 3rd prize EUR 500
Contest ends on 6 December 2011, Click here to participate! ;)