Hello everyone! Didn't we tell you that Heineken results were going to be aired soon?! Sometimes you need some extra-patience but you'll always be rewarded for that. :-) Here are the winners, freshly uncapped from the client! 1st Prize of EUR 3000 goes to Uday-Kiran 2nd Prize of EUR 1500 goes to Zore 3rd Prize of EUR 1000 goes to Yvette 4th, 7th and 14th Prizes of EUR 750, EUR 300 and EUR 300 go to Markka 5th Prize of EUR 750 goes to Conneyfogle 6th and 15th Prizes of EUR 300 and EUR 300 go to Rib 8th Prize of EUR 300 goes to Tagore 9th Prize of EUR 300 goes to 3Detonation 10th Prize of EUR 300 goes to Chintami 11th Prize of EUR 300 goes to Foligraf 12th Prize of EUR 300 goes to Lebron4iGG 13th Prize of EUR 300 goes to cocacolacontest Now Heineken would like to make a statement: Heineken would like to thank you all for the enthusiasm, creativity and "out of the box" thinking you put into this challenge. We had hard time in picking the best entries and most of the entries are giving us some important insights to move forward with our project. We believe more and more how important is listening to our consumers and you definitively talked to us! When we placed the challenge online, we were expecting certain types of submissions back (based on the topic), but you went far beyond that, showing us that there was more than we thought. Thanks to all of you and we hope to see you again on a next challenge! And actually Heineken has been so impressed by the good quality of all your entries that they have prepared more prizes for some of the creations! 1st and 2nd Prizes of EUR 500 and EUR 500 go to Anne-Carole 3rd, 5th and 9th Prizes of EUR 500, EUR 500 and EUR 500 go to Markka 4th Prize of EUR 500 goes to jerminale 6th Prize of EUR 500 goes to goodforlove 7th Prize of EUR 500 goes to harringman 8th Prize of EUR 500 goes to lacullinane 10th Prize of EUR 500 goes to alz19 Now it is our turn for a statement: we are sorry about being a bit late. This time we had delays because some winners were very late in accepting their prizes. Please be reminded that if you don't answer to the message announcing a win within ten days after the announcement, unfortunately the prize will have to given to someone else. This should encourage you guys to check that the email address you gave us is correct and you control it regularly. Of course it is also a very good idea to leave us your phone number as well, it is pretty nice to get a call announcing that you won something, right? ;-) Thank you all for your participation and congratulations to all the winners! The client prefers all the media to remain confidential, thank you very much for your understanding.