Our creator of October 2011 is the talented filmmaker John Waters or widely known as skhuters in the eYeka community. Hailed from the UK, he always has interesting ideas for his videos (at least those that he submitted to eYeka. We believe there are many more of them!), and with his ‘never give up’ attitude, He has grabbed 10 awards on eYeka so far! Let us know more about him!


Hello! Would you like to tell us more about yourself? No. Only joking, I love talking about myself! My name is John Waters and I live in Reading, UK. (It’s near London, for those who don’t know England). I work full time as an Audiologist (or pre-registration Audiological Scientist if you’re being fancy). At the moment my long term collaborator and girlfriend is Rachel Middle who you have probably seen in quite a number of our entries. She is quite splendid!

Anyway, I think I'm going to set up a new account under the name John Waters / Buoyant Films soon as skhuters was a result of combining mine and my ex girlfriend's name, haha.

So how did you get start in filmmaking? My mum sent me a link for a crowd sourcing competition to make an ad for a well-known social lending company. I got out my £10 webcam and went from there, each time I won a prize I upgraded my equipment and learnt as I went. You have won quite a number of awards in eYeka to date, and your ideas are always very interesting. Where do you usually get your inspiration from? My own head unfortunately, there’s an awful lot of background noise and free associations going on up there. Also it’s important to look at brand identities, previous ads and get a feel for the brand’s personality so far. How did you get to know eYeka? What are the things you like about eYeka, and what are the things that you think could be improved on or added in the future? I got to know about eYeka by googling for video competitions. I like that you can see other creators creations on eYeka, there’s a slightly more British / European feel to things and the guys that run it are always happy to answer questions. eYeka definitely need to work on meeting deadlines and just moving forward with payments and announcing results. I know this is mostly on brands but maybe you guys could introduce some sort of fine if they don’t get there on time! Also increasing participants, getting wider coverage and building on the existing community and hosting at least a couple of events to meet other film makers at. Any advise to your fellow aspiring creators? Keep trying, keep watching films, don’t be afraid to rethink things if they aren’t working, give yourself time to edit things, and most importantly have fun :) ---------------------------- Thanks for sharing your interesting stories and ideas with us, John! Thanks for your suggestions as well. We definitely always try to find new ways to make our creators’ experiences in eYeka even better. :) Anyway, check out his awesome creations here!