Carlsberg_Blog Scott is a 25 years old Marketing Executive living in Hong Kong, the city that never sleeps. He loves going to the movies, bars, music gigs, and parties with his friends, but they are getting a bit bored because all of those activities feel pretty much the same after a while. Now Carlsberg invites you to help them re-invent their favourite activities and tell us what even Carlsberg could create around it to make the event so extraordinary, exciting, cool, and memorable that they will talk about it for ages without getting bored! We accept all sorts of visual mediums in this contest, be it video, animation, pictures, sketches, storyboards, ... anything that will allow you to describe an extraordinary, cool, and exciting Carlsberg experience for Scott and his friends. There’s a total prize of EUR 5,000 for 5 best ideas! 1st Prize: EUR 2,500 2nd Prize: EUR 1,000 3rd – 5th Prize: EUR 500 each So what are you waiting for? Flood the contest group with your awesome ideas! Submission deadline is 3rd November 2011. Click here to view the brief and to participate!