Lux_Banner When we asked you to create a teaser video/animation to reveal the true beauty, we were literally amazed by the amount of creativity each one of you possess. We could clearly see the amount of effort and creativity you have put in it. And so, after a tight judging procedure, Lux has selected two creations that will be awarded as the winners (check out the Judges’s comments as well): First Prize (USD 7,000) goes to Raoul35 (France) with Luxus

Luxus is an impressive film with excellent production values, an interesting story line and engaging performance. It takes possession of a contemporary visual language and it goes beyond a simple script. The execution strikes our objective of breaking the rules with an Android in the story rather than only real characters. The well-balanced mix between scientific tonality and reality makes the film yet more engaging. One of the interesting bits is that even within the science-fiction context, metallic elements (that would be naturally "cold") the film still manages to keep it in a heart warming and human level that is befitting of the brand.”
Second Prize (USD 3,000) goes to LaBaraqueAFilms (France) with SHE
SHE is an excellent interpretation of the brand's vision. The narrative, photo direction dramatized by the music track that we would classify as an electro heart beat, scenarios and all the audiovisual elements perfectly sync moving towards the Big Reveal. Well Done!”

Well done, guys! And for the rest of the participants, well done to each and every one of you too! All of you have done such a great job! Thank you very much for your effort and support :)