A new call for entries came up on eYeka ! The brief is pretty simple and open: Thinking about your own sense of style, imagine a new chewing gum concept that would complete your look and cause a reaction among your friends. Think about all the different aspects it could have: it’s shape, texture, name, flavor, aroma, packaging, and brand personality. You are free to envision it the way you’d like it to be, explaining through your submission how it relates to you and your own personality. Is it “Zen”, tastes like green tea and in the shape of a Buddha’s palm? Or is it exciting, red and relates to thunder? Is it random in an artful and ironic way? Jury’s Prize: $2,500 USD up for grabs • 1st Prize: $1,500 USD • 2nd Prize: $500 USD • 5 following Prizes Prize: $100 USD each Click here to access the brief! Upload open until 24/01/2010 Best of luck! Edouard