CASH It was very interesting for us to discover the numerous submissions for the Gifting contest. The question was quite simple: why sending or receiving money is better than a gift? Today, we are happy to share with you the Jury Selection. There are 13 prizes, and $3,000 distributed among the winners! No cash, for sure :).
First Prize (£500) - "Money wrapping" by luiscardoso9 Second Prize (£250) - "Give - gift" by dreamereal Third Prize (£250) - "4 gift ideas" by vitaled 4th Prize (£100) - "Wallet Greeting Card" by aquarela 5th Prize (£100) - "Carolinaivarsson" by carolinaivarsson 6th Prize (£100) - "Cash Present" by dianataki 7th Prize (£100) - "Cash for Sebastian" by dkvideo 8th Prize (£100) - "CA$H PL£AS€" by hubulu 9th Prize (£100) - "Idea Two" by markka 10th Prize (£100) - "Cash for Christmas" by markka 11th Prize (£100) - "Cash for a dream" by minastir 12th Prize (£100) - "lunchbox" by pugfarts 13th Prize (£100) - "Cash Gift-Zore3" by zore
Congratulations to all these inspired winners!