Hello guys!

We have an announcement for Maurice Lacroix ‘Never Stop Moving’.

There’s a slight change to the brief. (No, no, don’t beat us yet! It’s not a major change :) )

Initially we asked you to complete this sentence in order to help you in making your video/animation:
“I never stop ______”. Remember?

Now, that sentence is not necessary anymore. All we need is for you to create a 30-60 seconds video or animation to tell us what is that one motivation in your life that keeps you in motion, that you will never stop moving until you get it.

Please note that you should always link the story back to the “Never Stop Moving” tagline. It can be done through featuring a Maurice Lacroix watch in your video. If you do not have a Maurice Lacroix watch, feel free to use the product shot that we’ve provided in the contest page, or any other watch that you have (but please note that you have to blur the watch face off).

Please click here to see the revised brief and to participate if you haven’t. And just a friendly reminder, Maurice Lacroix ‘Never Stop Moving’ will end on 10th February 2011. So do submit your entry early so our moderators can advise you on any changes if necessary :)

Thanks for your understanding and we can’t wait to receive creative entries from you! :D

Xuan and Amelia