Cold Stone

Who likes ice cream? *raise hands* Well, we certainly do! Ice cream always brings us happiness every time we scoop those heavenly creamy tasty stuffs into our mouth. Yummy! Talking about ice cream, you can never forget Cold Stone Creamery. If it has anything to do with ice cream, it has everything to do with Cold Stone Creamery! From unique ice cream creations (which they named it Creations ™), to smoothies, cakes, and velvety shakes – nobody serves up the ultimate indulgence like Cold Stone. And with more than 11.5 million possible creations you can make, you will never get bored of their creations! Cold Stone Creamery ice cream is categorized by industry experts as “Super Premium” because they make it fresh everyday in every store, using only the highest quality ingredients which puts Cold Stone completely in a class of its’ own. The unique selling point of Cold Stone, besides their premium quality ice cream, is the way they prepare your choice of custom creation on a frozen granite stone with the signature process by throwing the ice cream, mixing them with spades, etc. In conjunction with the opening of the first Cold Stone Creamery store in Singapore, they are now inviting you, our creative creators, to share with us on how ice cream brings happiness to your life through a (maximum) 60-second video or animation. Sounds like fun? We think so too! :D And here’s the reward for the ice cream lovers:
  • Grand Prize : SGD 5,000
  • First Runner Up : SGD 2,500
  • Second Runner Up : SGD 1,500
  • Most Voted : SGD 1,000
Moreover, winners will be featured with credits on Cold Stone Creamery Singapore’s website, online social media platform(s) and may be used for other commercial purposes. Cold Stone “How ice cream brings happiness to your life?” will be running from 19th January 2011 – 28 February 2011. Voting period will be on 4th – 10th March 2011. Cold Stone Creamery Singapore’s Grand Opening will be on 12th March 2011. To learn more about the Cold Stone experience, please visit Cold Stone Creamery’s website or Cold Stone Creamery Singapore’s Facebook page for more information on Cold Stone. For addition, watch this video to get a clearer idea on what Cold Stone do:

So get your gears ready, start the camera rolling, and don’t forget to grab some ice cream! ;) Click here to participate! Good luck! Amelia and Xuan