Some of you noticed that you are not able to view the submitted entries for the following CFEs: Microsoft, Gum Concept,  SMUMaurice Lacroix,... and have been asking us what's wrong with that. The answer is: there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, we would like to inform you that from now on, more and more submitted media/entries will not be publicly displayed on CFE pages until that the winners will have been picked by the jury and published on this blog. The reason for this is to avoid cheating and plagiarism. No one  like being copied, right? We realized that many of you  guys usually upload your media at the last minute to avoid anyone else from copying your idea. This isn't a problem at all, but keep in mind that if your entry doesn’t meet the requirements/brief, it will simply be rejected with no other chance to bring the required changes before the deadline. That is why we always encourage you to submit your media as early as possible so eYeka’s moderators can give you advices  on how to make your media meet the brief's requirements the best. With this new hidden entries feature, you will not have to worry about other participants copying your idea anymore simply because they won’t be able to see your entry and vice versa! :) What do you think about this? Let us know! Cheers, The eYeka team