Maurice Lacroix “Never Stop Moving” has been going on for almost 3 weeks now, and we have received several entries (which are hidden, btw. Read here about the hidden media if you haven’t). However, the entries we’ve received are mostly out of brief :( Therefore, we would like to explain the brief further today so you may understand it better. First of all, before start doing your entry, do think of what your conviction is. What is that one thing that you will never stop pursuing no matter what challenges life throws at you? For example: My conviction is to be a famous pianist. Secondly, remember this following sentence? “I never stop _________________” The uncompleted sentence above is your main guide to create your entries. Ok, so I want to be a pianist. So what should I do in order to reach my dream to be one? Practicing diligently, attending music workshops and classes, etc. Therefore, I never stop playing piano. The “I never stop _____” sentence is not necessary to be included in the video/animation. It is just a guide for you to generate more ideas for your entry. Once you’ve got the 2 points above, you may start to do your entry! :D And do remember that you have to use “Futura” as the font type in your video/animation, and you have to include the sentence “Never stop moving” At the end frame of your video/animation. Below are examples on how someone strives to pursue his/her conviction. As always, do not copy the whole idea, but just make them as references. Remember, the length of your video/animation should be within 30-60 seconds.

Inspiring enough? Let’s show us your conviction! :D Cheers, Amelia and Xuan