Tips and example for Levi's Video Contest :)


Dear participants, thanks for joining Levi's Video Contest, we received some entries but they don't meet the brief quite well, here are some tips for you on this contest, we hope this could inspire you to come up with more accurate entries that will give you a better chance at winning! So far we’ve been receiving entries focusing on promoting Levi's products, this is good, but it's not what Levi's is looking for in this contest :) As you can see in the brief, Levi's hopes you to share your stories of your fit frustrations and adventure of finding that perfect jean. You can see the below video "Connie trying on my pants" by casey7186:

It shows clearly how the girl is frustrated about the jean, please feel free to submit videos about your stories on fit frustration too! you can tell us about your tales of having to put up with ill-fitting jeans, whether it is “muffin top”, “gaping back” or “too tight on waist”, we also want you to show us how you finally found the perfect jean for you! Some participants want us to provide Levi's jeans for them to shoot the video, this may be difficult when it comes to logistics problem. Actually you don't have to use Levi's products in your videos, just to express your ideas in different perspectives;) With only two weeks left, we hope to receive more suitable entries, do submit earlier so that the moderators will be able to advise you on any changes if you need to do in order to improve your work and for it to finally get accepted. You can make your video "privacy" so that only you and the moderators can see it ;) If you have any questions about the contest, do let us know! You can leave a comment here or send us a email at: Good luck guys, come and win up to $6000 worth of prizes! Click here to participate!