Harry's Million
That is the question...
We want to know what you would do with a million pounds ! Create an entertaining, funny, creative 20 second video, and take a light hearted look at how you would indulge yourself, or maybe treat your friends. Let your imagination run free as if you’d just won the lottery. How would you react and what would be the first things you would do with all that money! You don’t have to talk about Richard’s house or Harry’s million or helping charities if that’s not what you would have in mind – just be true and show us if you would go out to the Caribbeans to party, if you would buy your mom a house, or if you would just invest it in the stock market… it’s up to you. House.
Jury’s Prizes : • 1st prize: £3,000 • 2nd prize: £500 Public’s choice: • £500 The video which gets the most “Likes” on Facebook on the dedicated tab will win. Most viewed video: • £500 Jury’s pick among the 5 most viewed videos Good luck :p !