Is it our fault for not having a booty like JLo? Must we all look slender like Kate Moss? What if you are somewhere in between? Why oh why do we force ourselves to fit in? Share your stories of your fit frustrations and adventure of finding that perfect ‘one’ through a 30 to 60 seconds video! the idea is not to shoot a TVC, but surprise us by your revelations, make us laugh with your confessions, provoke us with your stories and inspire us with your quest. Create a video that women of all shapes and sizes can resonate with. The campaign can be articulated from one of these 3 perspectives of "Believe", "Fit Frustration" or "Revelation of Levi's® Curve ID or a combination of any that is most relevant to you. Believe: This is about that all too familiar “YOU GO GIRL!” moment, illustrating how the issue of finding the right fit goes beyond the search for the perfect jeans. This is about embracing who you are and believing that you deserve the best. This is about fitting in by standing out. Fit Frustration: Tell us about your tales of having to put up with ill-fitting jeans, whether it is “muffin top”, “gaping back” or “too tight on thigh/ waist”. Women have either accepted their fate, forced into a pair or are still searching for “The One”. Which is your frustration? Evelation of Levi’s® Curve ID: Introducing a revolutionary way in buying jeans, the Levi’s® Curve ID marks the end of the dark ages, where women can find their perfect fitted jeans according to their shapes, not sizes. So whether you have a body like Kate Moss, JLo or anything in between, a pair of custom fit Levi’s® Curve ID awaits you.
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Men, you are more than welcome to jump in too; this is your perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you listen to your gals, just put yourself in a woman’s shoes (or jeans) on this one and echo their beliefs, frustrations and identities! Prize: Frist prize: $2,500 Second prize: $2,000 Runner-up prize (4 winners): $500 each Deadline: 26th September, 2010