Our relationship to brands has changed in the recent years. With the rise of internet, social media and mobile communications, we are now used to be in touch with our family, friends and work colleagues almost in real time. eYeka is happy to present a new call for entries!
As a result, we now expect the same from brands: more and faster information about their products, easy purchase, instant resolution when we have a problem... and we develop a true relationship with them. Eyeka would like your point of view to understand and illustrate how you relate to brands today, what you expect from them, from their products and services, where they satisfy you, where they frustrate you, what a relationship would be like with them in an ideal world... Until September 27th, through a 30 to 45 second video, illustrate and show us the ideal relationship between a brand and a consumer (or more). You can be off beat, witty, wicked or more down to earth. You can take it off context and use your imagination with metaphors and counts and stories (chishire cat and pink elephants accepted) , or imagine real life situations (a date, an interview, a concert...) illustrating that bond. Just keep in mind that the audience has to clearly understand that your video illustrates a brand/client relationship ;) How would a brand behave in such an ideal relationship? What would it do for you? How would you engage with it? How would such a brand create, sell and service its products? Videos should be in English language, or include English subtitles if you don't speak English. Here are the different prizes:
  • Grand prize: 2.500€
  • Second prize: 1.000€
Good luck! :)