King of Shaves is a killer cool, challenger brand “(we're not Gillette!) - it just so happens we operate in a functional market - shaving! But we're the only brand that can put the sex back into shaving and get you looking your best” - and we all know where that can lead.... With your help and the very viral video you can see on the contest page, they’ll make the shaving experience sexy and more desirable.

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before September 12th!
Shaving has always been considered functional and boring - a chore. It’s up to you to put the ‘sex’ back into shaving and drive desire for the brand. Through a 45 seconds video maximum, using your imagination and the mood set by the existing video, dream up your 'shave sexy' scenario and bring it to life! It can be funny, sexy, weird or surreal - but we want you to show us how creative you can be. Don't just copy our 'shave sexy' moment - we want to see your 'shave sexy' experience. Jury’s Prizes
  • 1st Prize: £3,000
  • 2nd Prize £500
  • 3rd Prize : £500
  • £500 for the most voted video
  • £500 for the most viewed video
  • Each winner will also receive a King of Shaves Kit.