Here are some tips to inspire you to come up with good and more focused entries that will give you a better chance at winning. With only 9 days left before the deadline, let's get those creative and imaginative juices flowing! Contest #1 - Credit Card
What would you like your credit card to be able to do? Tell us how your credit card will redefine aspects of your life in the future, enabling you do things you would have never thought possible. Think of it as more than just a payment tool and expound on its limitless potenial. Share your ideas and express them through designs, illustrations or sketches along with descriptive text. We want your visual insights, so showcase your ideas and feelings beyond written words.
TIPS: So far, we've been receiving a lot of entries based on physical product attributes, such as how credit cards should look like. Although this is absolutely fine, please feel free to also submit ideas on how it will enable you to connect to the rest of the world. More than just a payment tool, how can a credit card benefit you within your country and beyond? Furthermore, you can also suggest promotions that you hope your future credit card would be able to offer you.

Join the Credit Card Co-Innovation contest now! Contest #2 - Banking Relationship in the Digital Age

Imagine a new banking relationship in the digital age. Thinking about how it would look and feel, describe this new banking experience and the various technologies that will create this new reality. Through captioned designs, illustrations or sketches, suggest tools that could help transform banking as you know it. Whether it is having a video relationship manager, new mobile banking features or getting online sales assistance etc., your imagination is the only limit. Convey your thoughts beyond words and help take digital banking to a whole new level.


TIPS: Most of the entries we've been receiving are about self-help services that would enable us to do things ourselves and get it done immediately. These are very good examples but you can also touch on various digital processes! How would you like to receive information from your bank? Who are the people who can help you? Would you prefer to do things yourself or would you still like to interact with relationship managers? How then, can these relationship managers help to improve your digital banking experience? Be bold and don't be afraid to suggest tools, recommend new relationship roles etc.

Join the Digital Banking Co-Innovation contest now! MORE TIPS... - There are no limits to the number of entries that you can submit, so submit more for higher chances of winning. - Do not forget to add detailed text descriptions or captions to your work. The ideas are more important here than how your illustrations, designs or photographs look like. So help the judges understand clearly specify how your idea can change your life for the better. - With lesser entries to compete with, your chances of winning in the "Digital Banking" contest is higher (compared to the Credit Card contest), so be sure to submit your entries for that one too! We look forward to seeing more of your entries. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at